Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The rest of our Eve Pictures!!

Catrina and EliJah mad their own house...I made the icing and maart helped EliJah with the fine motorskills involved.

And to
the right is the end result.Voila!!

Sarah came and stayed with us and despite the weather everyone was in good spirits.Cecile and sarah are the "bestest" of friends and loved building their own gingerbread house.Cecile wanted sarah to take it home .What a masterpiece.Sarah bought Cecile this matching top and were excited to wear them together today.

The girls had so much fun that when it was time to leave it was sad to see the visit end.
Great Family, Good Friends ,Good times,Memories to Cherish. Love You All!!

Merry Christmas EveryOne!!

I just want to Wish EveryOne a Holiday full of Blessings and a Fantasic New Year!

We started off our Christmas Eve Festivities by building a snowman...our first of the season and building a gingerbread house .My husband helped with some of the fine motor skills and i made the icing and provided extra candy ,chocolate and helped prepared the icing.

Cecile had a friend over who got to take the house they made together home.Catrina,EliJah,and Maarten made the other one.Regardless of the mess the kids enjoyed the day.

Tomorrow We all get to tell what we are thankful for and what our goals for the new year will be {Lord-Willing}.

Right now i want you all to know how thankful i am for you.Not just the suppliers who work all year long to give us amazing fun product for our cards and scrapbook pages,not just for the sales from loyal customers but for the fantastic friendships made from it all.

So to the suppliers thanks for working so so hard to provide us the best product ever.

And to customers for being so loyal.

To the postal system and the men who deliver all the fun stuff...God Bless Ya!!

And to all my great friends I love Ya All soooo much. Thanks for a Great Year!!

To the ladies who met on fridays once a month at actors when some of us were meeting each other for the first time,,,thanks for joining us at Actors what fun eh. Lets Keep it up.

To Kim who was constant venue of advice and help....oh yeah and helped keep the store stocked with beautiful handmade cards.

And to Lisa who now i sadly say goodbye to.Loved Ya gal....miss you lots.

God Bless You All ,Hope you Have a Merry Christmas ,And a Wonderful New Year!!