Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Scapfest 2009 was in Kitchener as the previous year ....and it was SUCCESSFUL!!

In the week prior i made things to enhance my display....i bought 5 ott lights which i love, and I had a10x20 thatwas just the right size.I had a 50%off table as per usual and i had tons of specials.
The streamers are from Holland and are a perfect addition to my booth.I had brought 5 ott-lites for extra lighting.It was extremely busy about 2400 came through the doors on Saturday.There were 200 croppers and 500VIP alone for friday night on its own!! We stayed with my cousin and her future husband and we nearly peed ourselves from laughter(literally).It was awesome to meet him and we cannot wait to get together again.Thanks Mary for putting us up and the hamburgs were delicious....they were handy!!

So SAVE THE DATE APRIL16 & 17 OF 2010!! Hope to see you all there!!