Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cancer Crop In Arkona & Crazy Driving....Literally!!

So It starts Amy invited to the cancer crop in Arkona....I was pretty sure i wasn't going then at last minute i decided as well as 2 other girls to go as a group because it was cheaper.We left at 9:30 to be there by 10 and even though Arkona isn't very far...i wondered if a half an hour would be enough time well let me tell you with AMY doing the driving you are sure to get anywhere in plenty of time....and i was way behind her at times because i was scaaared to go as fast as she was going....eeeek.Here she is.So if she is smiling this means we got there safely. Amy also went to the copic certification course last week in TO and came back certified and as you can see with lots of copics which she says is the best price at Curry's.

Now also sitting in front of her are the 120 pack of prisma watercolor crayons....I was in heaven wen i saw these let me tell you.Whoa could you ever blend with her pencil crayons.No i am not coveting ......well maybe a tinnie tiny bit but i am trying not to.

Then there are mine maybe 36 in this tin also prisma w.color.They seem to do the job and i love them.I do however sell the w.color Lyras and they are awesome.
Well `we went around and did make n takes and i got 2 cards done yes in the whole 9 hrs i was there.Tomorrow i will show you what i got done.I was having so much fun gabbing that i did that more than anything else.
There are 2 girls i have asked to join the DT team for My store The TownScrapper and amy is one of them but since i just asked about 3 days ago i have asked for no answer yet.But i hope to let you all know by May the 1st.
Have a Great Day