Saturday, May 2, 2009


My first bike used in Holland was a Tandem Bike at Bep's place.Maarten was at the front and i the short one at the back.He kept asking me if i was peddling( as if ,right) ....of course i was.The next bike we rode was a bike made for 8 people and we used it on this trail to and meanwhile identifying and locating items like an scavenger hunt.there was my sil and bil and Maart and I & we had their 2 and our 2 needless to say it was alot of fun.
This image is an high hopes and i made it for someone who owns a local bike shop in town.He sells amazing quality product and works as best as he can with your budget!!Needless to say high in cost or not he is worth buying from!! He has tandem bikes in his window and got a hoot out of this card and if you pop in you may see this card sitting there on his counter he is awesome and definitely worth giving business to.The best thing he doesn't let you buy it till you are satisfied.He is honest and if he doesn't feel its for you he'll tell ya!!

Stamp: High Hopes,sentiment on the inside is also High Hopes
Paper:Bazill cardstock,American Crafts-Play Trampoline
Mediums: watercolor pencil crayons ,OMS,and Blending stumps
Embellishments: Q&C,Prima,and Gems

Have A Great Weekend!!