Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watercolor Tutorial

How to use the watercolor pencil crayons!!
What you need:

1.Watercolor paper: I use 140Lb Fabriano water color paper
2.Permanent Ink: I use black Staz-On
3.Blending stumps, a little dish with Odourless Mineral Spirits (OMS)

4. And of course your desired stamp-The ones I used for my image was from HUMBLE PIE of course.

Then you stamp up the image I will show you the snowman now I picked the left side to add color in because of the tree that’s at the left side that would cause the snowman to get the shade.
I then outlined the image with my pencil crayon.Then in using my blending stump I dipped it just enough into the OMS and in circular motions brought the color out .I never shade it in all the way then color JUST outline its all you need then if you feel it needs more you outline a little more.
Also when watercoloring always start with your lightest shade then go darker . If you have only one blending stump on hand and you are changing over to a new color then keep a sanding block on hand this will do two things:1) it sands off excess color before moving onto a new one and 2) it also sharpens the blending stump.

I find this is one of my favorite techniques and I am hoping that I get a 130 piece set for wcolor pencil Crayons for a gift this year however i am quite content not to get a single thing. Whether they buy it or i do it won't make a big difference.

I hope you all have a great week.