Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family time in ArrowHead Provincial Park!!

Here we are after what was supposed to be a 6hr drive after stop 7/8 hrs we made it.We were here for 8 days and 7 nights and 6 of those nights and days it rained.The pictures you see that have the beach/canoe scenes was our only really beautiful day....no joke.

The beaver trail was a hike we took very rugged and these mushrooms were everywhere.

A bird that maart tried to capture so i can look it up when i got home.

Deer were everywhere we read that they came out at dusk and dawn and their main vegetation was poison ivy...well it was everywhere but not nearly as bad as Wheatley.

By the end of the week the kids were listening to my small tidbit of music on my phone

Here Cecile at the end of her week recieved a 1st level gold the highest she could qualify for ...for being there the 1st time way to go Cecile!!

This the view from our canoe ride back from Stubbs Falls.

Cecile recieving her award.

The kids put a show on for the parents..Here goes Cecile.

Cecile had to rideover and break a balloon on the Volunteer's Head.
So here she goes.

They had 4 teams going to see who would finish first. He was wet.Apparently he goes to my B-I-L's Church.

And she goes back to the finish line

And here we are watching and all excited we don't look like it but we did cheer her on.

Cecile just off her horse.

We found this frog on the beach.We wanted to see underneath so we could look up the frog later.

Poison Ivy....

Here is the frog released.

Back from the beaver trail

We rented a canoe and went off to stubbs falls.
The kids looooved it!!

It made the canoe tipsy to take this picture

Deer Dad!! said elijah and sure enough we had caught a glimpse of a deer on the trail when we were canoeing.EliJah was so proud of himself for seeing it when we didn't and for saying it out loud...(well we made a big deal EH?).

Getting ready to go on our canoe ride.

Here we are at Stubbs Falls!!

A look from a distance.

Some of the beautiful flowers in the Park.

Our only day at the beach was on a thursday we were soooo happy for this sun.

Looking for minnows.

He released them but here are the minnows.

Another sand picture.He loves playing in the sand.

Cantrina building a sandcastle with a tunnelthat water ran through.

A bunch of the kids gatheres together for a game of soccer.

Maarten swimming with the kids.
Before you ask me in a bathing suit is very scary...eeek.

Elijah took a sandpail everywhere he went in the water.

Taking the Mayflower hiking trail.It was very wet.

We watched a Snake and turtles presentation and in the end EliJah stood in line to hold it yes he loved it and never flinched.

Unlike me yeah well i'd rather admire the "neatness" from a distance.

This Boa was a PET that was not taken care of verywell then handed off to the park they named her BITSY.The owners fed her everything until she could no longer habitat with it's owner anymore.

Stubbs Falls again.

A friendly visitor different than the one we found at the beach.

EliJah doing the loggers trail in Algonquin.Although it did actually rain at Arrowhead once we left and headed toward Algonquin it stopped.We did 2 trails here

Entrance of the Park.staying at Arrowhead allowed us to have a day pass free of charge.

Catrina at Algonquin.

Our friendly Bathroom snake another animal to be found at the park.It was said to be harmless and seemed that way.Another Harmless animal we experienced was jumping Mice.They had long tails and seemed to be very fast.Catrina Hated it more than I and i had to pretend i wasn't scared for her sake...doesn't help if we are both scared...now does it?!
Our campsite was spacious and right close to the washrooms just we the way we liked it.

Our campsite at ArrowHead Provincial Parkthey had a ton of hiking trails and although we took our bikes it was very rough and steep trails definitely for the best of bikers that are gutsy.....which hiking was good enough for us.We did 2-3 a day and we even canoed to stubbs falls which you will see later on. This is our first Day at Camp.

This is what the parks try to avoid when people bring firewood from one park to the other.My kids were impressed by how long his antennas were.

Catrina & EliJah loved feeding the chipmunks peanut butter on a stick.

Here we are at the look out point looking onto the Big East River.As you can see it is wet and although it rained we did enjoy the plentiful things to do.

The next day we dropped Cecile at Circle Square Ranch.

They picked up Cecile,EliJah,Catrina and Maarten Via Horse carriage from vehicle and brought them over to the Registration area where we checked in.... i walked over.Maarten went with the other 2 kids because they really wanted to go on that ride .

Next Day it rained Again So we took the kids to the Muskoka Pioneer Village in Huntsville--a very touristy beautiful town.

The kids got to make candles just like the pioneers did in the olden days. I have a ton more pictures.

Have a Great Day!!

Family Time in Point Pelee!

These pictures are decending in days so here goes Sunday was our beach day,Saturday was our Point Pelee day,and Friday was Arrival at The Wheatley Provincial Park where Mum and Papa met us.

#1 Maart showin me the rocks he stubbed
his toe on.

#2 Catrina pulling out a rock she found.
#3 And unbeknownst to her EliJah was taking them throwing them back in.Ewwwee was she ever mad.
#4 EliJah running for more Rocks.

#5 The girls looking for rocks to bring home to OMA as they say...right how come they never end up with Oma?

#6 One of MY FAVE"S EliJah and Opa holding hands on the way back from the Point.EliJah biked all the way there and back and walked the rest of the way to the point and we have never expected him to work this hard on top of everything else he walked the Marsh Boardwalk...at the end of the day we had to keep him awake in the car,during supper ,and if that wasn't enough I insisted he have a shower.But on this day he was out like a light he is a trooper.

#7 Oma and Opa.....I said I wanted a LOVE picture and here they are in the heat smiling.....troopers too Its a keeper and another of my FAVES.

#8 My 3 kiddos at the Point

#9 Here we are at the furthest point....many go swimming regardless of the signs that tell us not to.It was awesome to be here.

#10 My Guy climbing rocks.

#11 Here we are South of the 42nd parallel

#12 A Nice Group Picture

#13 A snapping turtle many find home at this marsh ...ain't he awesome.

#14 I got to use my binoculars to see the different birds and these are Barn Swallows and I do believe we saw some Martans too but I don't have any pics .

#15 Here we are at wheatly enjoying a wonderful visit with Oma & Opa!!Thanks for coming Mum and Papa

#16 The Great Blue Heron!!
Cecile was facinated with the different birds and loved my bird book and took this picture.

These are some of our pictures
Have a Great Week,