Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Time in Point Pelee!

These pictures are decending in days so here goes Sunday was our beach day,Saturday was our Point Pelee day,and Friday was Arrival at The Wheatley Provincial Park where Mum and Papa met us.

#1 Maart showin me the rocks he stubbed
his toe on.

#2 Catrina pulling out a rock she found.
#3 And unbeknownst to her EliJah was taking them throwing them back in.Ewwwee was she ever mad.
#4 EliJah running for more Rocks.

#5 The girls looking for rocks to bring home to OMA as they say...right how come they never end up with Oma?

#6 One of MY FAVE"S EliJah and Opa holding hands on the way back from the Point.EliJah biked all the way there and back and walked the rest of the way to the point and we have never expected him to work this hard on top of everything else he walked the Marsh Boardwalk...at the end of the day we had to keep him awake in the car,during supper ,and if that wasn't enough I insisted he have a shower.But on this day he was out like a light he is a trooper.

#7 Oma and Opa.....I said I wanted a LOVE picture and here they are in the heat smiling.....troopers too Its a keeper and another of my FAVES.

#8 My 3 kiddos at the Point

#9 Here we are at the furthest point....many go swimming regardless of the signs that tell us not to.It was awesome to be here.

#10 My Guy climbing rocks.

#11 Here we are South of the 42nd parallel

#12 A Nice Group Picture

#13 A snapping turtle many find home at this marsh ...ain't he awesome.

#14 I got to use my binoculars to see the different birds and these are Barn Swallows and I do believe we saw some Martans too but I don't have any pics .

#15 Here we are at wheatly enjoying a wonderful visit with Oma & Opa!!Thanks for coming Mum and Papa

#16 The Great Blue Heron!!
Cecile was facinated with the different birds and loved my bird book and took this picture.

These are some of our pictures
Have a Great Week,

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sophia landry said...

Looks like you guys had a great time, the kids certainly look like they had a blast!