Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sparkly & Bright

I had this one done for awhile and since my kiddos have been sick i have done a bit of coloring. The only day i was truly open last week was Friday( didn't want anyone sick) so it actually gave me sometime to put the cards together.You ever do that have the image together for a while before you actually get it put onto a card well elijah and i stayed home from church tonight he has a wicked coupy cough so before my week gets busy here is my post.

This is a november christmas pixie by CC Designs and with my special it has been flying off the shelves but without it does well no matter what because who doesn't enjoy CC Designs. I know i LOOOOOVE them!!

I downloaded this cute ornament template off of someone's website and was amazed at how awesome and simple it was to make this card. I watercolored the pixie trying to shade bringing the light on her hair and your right side.She was lots of fun.I embossed the ornament using my Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug Swirls Divine Folder only on one side so i can write on the inside.I added stickles and rhinestones to the image and card.

Have a GREAT day,

God Bless,