Sunday, December 7, 2008

SinterKlass 2008!!

Aren't these some awesome surprisas.It is alway nice to see the awesome ideas that everyone comes up with.

Sinterklass is a dutch holiday celebrated in the netherlands on dec 5th and in my husband's side this holiday is celebrate every year keeping its natural traditions the same way.

The gift is given in something that symbolizes the person....that is by the way picked out of a hat and kept secret for the rest of the year.Till that day none should know who you have except for your better half.

My father in law had me and my surprisa (gift) came in a large paper coffee cup filled with wrapped gifts.....i had asked for a paper shredder which the gifts were hiding in.It was awesome the cup was approximately 40" in width and 80" in height (not eact...i'm just guessing might be smaller).It was made with yellow cardstock with a gold handle ( his own cup from home was the example used to make this replica of a coffee mug) soooo neat because i love tea. So in the cup the shredded paper was the foam and tea and the gift was hiding in the midst of it and so i had to sift through it to find the gift. Well done papa awesome surprisa !!

I also recieved a chocolate fondue set....I have wanted this for soooo long i can't wait to use it.It will be perfect for birthday parties , friendly get togethers and pure family fun .I can't wait to put it into action.

Love you Papa!! We love our family traditons!!

Have a great week!!


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