Friday, August 14, 2009

Humble Pie

Good-Morning, I have been working around the clock with Heather to bring You An Awesome New Stamp Line.I will soon be launching the first set of new stamps but as we wait keep an eye out for some sneek peaks.Also as part of my launch I will be giving away 5 Chrysanthimum Fairies. So have fun And I Welcome and Introduce Heather To Humble Pie .Heather is a brilliant Artist and came shopping one day with her Aunt and i was excited to hear she was an artist. Again here she is and Here is what Heather has to say. Hi there! My name is Heather Hambleton and I have recently started designing stamps for a line called Humble Pie! I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and I am a former Beal Art student. I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold up a pencil. Drawing is definitely what I would call my one true passion in life! But when I’m not drawing I can be found at the gym or reading a good book. I am super excited to be designing for Phebe at ‘The Town Scrapper as she is just such an exceptionally amazing lady! Hopefully all goes well and you will like my images as much as she does!! -Heather
Have A Great Weekend!!

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