Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guard your BANANA!!

Have you ever sent your kids to school with bananas that started out yellow and before the lunch break they are bruised or parts of the banana is/was mushy...today i helped out in a classroom and the little child asked me if she could throw it out because the banana was "squishy" i told her to eat to the part that wasn't squishy then she could throw it out.It comes in various colors including red, but mostly yellow and sells for $6.98.Three cases arrived today but as already stated one case is already sold out.These hold any size banana and are garanteed to work.We have 1 in our home and my 2 kids that eat bananas fight over who will get to use it today.Banana Guards will be one of the best items for your kid's lunches,or for camping /hiking,or to stick in a briefcase/purse for a quick snack at work.My husband loves it for work he says its great to have something quick and healthy.I like it because i don't have to worry about the banana making it to the garbage or my freezer because its too brown to eat.

On top of everything else this product is CANADIAN.The person who came up with this awesome product is from British Colombia!! I am proud to be canadian and to sell great canadian products

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Jodi said...

That is an awesome idea Phebe ... I need to get myself one of those!!