Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Store!! Small and Cozy!!

Before and After pics.... Before ----my goal was to open up the store and get rid of this table and get more light in.
So I had Lambton County Developmental Services make me this.It has shelving on the other side where I put all my die cut machines etc in,Therefore giving you customers more walking space.

I got rid of long shelf that had cardstock on it and do you believe 60 different colors fit on that rack ....awesome.

More walking room.And More Light!!
And i will show you the new Sweetie Pie Maggie very soon
Have a Great Day!!


Melanie said...

Looks fantastic Phebe...can't wait to come visit!


Krista said...

Wow it looks great Phebe, just another great reason to take a little drive!

Leah the Orange said...

the space looks gorgeous! the racks for the cardstock - are they 8 1/2 X 11 or 12 X 12?

i want to visit!

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! What a change! Looks fabulous, Phebe! I can't wait to come for a visit!

Tricia said...

Phebe, the store looks fabulous! I love the desk Lambton Developmental Services created, it's beautiful! Can't wait to stop in. I have to get by before Tuesday the 19th (the big day). Hope everyone is well and that you had a wonderful Christmas.


Tracey said...

It looks fabulous Phebe! I really do need to take a road trip out there!!

Ann said...

That looks awesome. Wish I lived closer.

Diane said...

I will go visit when I get my tx.
I need to save up lots of money,lol,so I can shop shop shop!
Looks wonderful!

Lisa said...

looks great Phebe, I will have to stop by soon!!!

Maria said...

Love the changes you have made Phebe! Can't wait to visit. Hugs, Maria