Sunday, March 28, 2010

Such An Awesome Day Hope yours was GREAT too!!

These two girls had so much fun...I do believe they have become amazing friends in such a short period of time.Our Instructors and DTeam Members Melanie Holtz and Krista Van Tol Krista made up these pins.And here is what they had to say......

LOL the stress of it all...Imagine that they are not copic certified......

Some eager ladies....And No Ellen does not have enough Copic Markers.

Ruth,Bonnie,Mel, Maria ( another Design Diva) and Peggy who was loved the class.

All the ladies had so much fun and laughed soooo much.

Intense.Most women were glad to learn how to use what they had.

Biggest Comment was that there was enough One on One.

Peggy had lots fun and good humour up her sleeve.

Maria and Bonnie coloring with so much focus.

ohhh what colors to pick

Krista Beautiful on the outside with stunning smile---Gorgeous on the inside too.

So Serious.....Not

Cindy i was so happy you came out......I was so glad that my first ever event was so successful and Everyone that came out enjoyed themselves.

Annie called herself the good Pupil.....LOL.

Mel in there so intent....These ladies walked away saying lets do this again.


Pleased with the outcome

Ellen and her Markers...She definitely needs more.

Mel and Maria connecting....Thanks toEveryOne for making the class successful for coming and having fun and thanks Mel and Krista for sharing your awesome techniques.

Have a Great Week!!!



Tricia said...

Glad to hear your event was such a success, Phebe! Congratulations! Love the photos...looks like everyone had a blast! When is the next event scheduled?! ;)

Have a super week! Will try to get in to see you.

Leah the Orange said...

oh, Phebe thank you so much for posting these photos! what i wouldn't have given to BE THERE!! glad everyone had a great time, and i'm sure we're going to see the education in action! :)

Stephanie said...

um... how did i miss this class!?!?!?!!? lol i would have to actually buy some copics wouldnt i. looks like FUN!

Lisa said...

looked like fun, glad you had a good turn out