Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best 100 DoLLarS ever SPENT!!!!

This is Ben ,,,He is the awesome builder of this display.I asked for a pole across the top so i can have my own clip-it -up, then i needed something for all my dies ,the bigz and thick cut dies.....originally some were on my table some were on a shelf just taking up room, and something for my flowers long extended dies cuttlebug folders,ink pads and refills and sure enough i got MORE than what i asked for. And here it is.....eeek in't it awesome.I ran out of shower curtain hooks so i piled them into more than one for my clip it up just until i get more.The cards there made by Amy Leggate and the High hopes one is by Myself another thing you can use the pole for.

Have a Great Weekend and a Relaxing March Break!!



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